Who are we?

We’re a Social Enterprise promoting therapeutic gardening

We want to make small scale herb growing available to everyone, selling good quality seeds in manageable quantities at affordable prices. All you really need is a seed, a pot and some soil, a little green fingered nurturing and a windowsill (or the predictably unpredictable British climate will pretty much do the rest)! We provide great quality seeds sourced from reputable wholesalers based here in the UK. We believe that growing your own is not only a tastier and more colourful way to eat but also a great way of relaxing and teaching children all about nature. Great for the mind, the soul and the belly! Grow your own, give it a go. You might just get a little bit obsessed, like us!

Growing your own is something that we feel is (and should be) very simple. Its a valuable way to boost mental health and encourage mindfulness. We believe this should be available to all. Growing your own food can uplift the soul, anything anywhere, it can be transformative. We feel it can focus the mind into a more positive frame. It teaches us all about nurture and gentle care. 

We donate 10% of any profits we make back into organisations that provide garden therapy opportunities to their communities.

To get in touch please email us: hello@purplebloomseeds.co.uk