White Borage – 30 seeds (Free Postage)


White Borage (Borago oficinalis Alba)

Renowned for its distinctive white flowers, borage is becoming very popular as a cucumber tasting addition to salads, as a calming herbal tea or as a pretty piece of edible garnish.  Borage is a great companion plant for veggie growers, working well for tomatoes (deterring tomato worm) and improving the growth and flavour of onions.And bees love Borage!

Sow: March to May or Autumn in situ

Harvest: Once flowers bloom (6 to 8 weeks)

Height: 60cm to 75cm

Sowing Instructions:

Sow borage seeds 0.5 to 0.75 cm deep in well-drained soil. Borage can be planted indoors from March to May and outdoors once the last frost has passed or Autumn for flowering the following Spring. Thin seedlings out once they reach 6-10 cm. Borage takes 5-21 days to germinate.

(approx. 30 seeds)

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