Catnip – 350 Seeds – (Free Postage)


Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

So much more than a cat’s favoured herb!

The minty-lemony scent can be used as a calming brew. Tall hardy perennial ideal for borders. Lavender-like petals.

Sow: January to April Indoors or April to July in situ

Harvest: All year round

Height: up to 120cm

Sowing Instructions:

Catnip seeds are very small; sprinkle a pinch into a compostable pot indoors with moist soil, cover with a very light layer of soil or vermiculite and place in a warm and sunny spot. Germination can take up to 28 days. Once ready for potting outdoors (a good few leaves should mark their readiness) harden them off and transplant into their final position.

(approx. 350 seeds)

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