Cumin – 500 Seeds (Free Postage)


Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)

Very easy to grow indoors (all year round) as a micro-herb. Germination takes around 7-10 days whereupon the first true leaves can be harvested to add some spice and interest to that side salad!

Can also be grown outside from Feb-May (in a cold frame). Keep well wateredand position in a sunny spot. Once the seed pods dry and turn brown harvest the whole plant.

To grow as a micro-herbuse a seedling tray or compostable pot and fill with good quality compost, liberally sprinkle your seeds, and cover with a thin layer of compost or vermiculite. Water lightly at first and then regularly moisten with water from a hand-held spray bottle, with a little humidity from a propagator or sunny windowsill.  

(approx. 500 seeds)

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