Grow Your Own Italian Herbs Starter Kit (Free Postage)

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We are huge fans of Italian cooking at Purple Bloom Seeds!

Rustic, homemade tomato, basil and red pepper pizza; sweet genovese green pesto and homemade rosemary loaves are in constant demand in our kitchen. So we have bundled together the herbs we most enjoy on our homemade Italian takeaway nights for you to gift the foodies in your life!

Basil is a hardy plant that is easy and quick to grow from seed. Preferring well lit windowsills or well drained sunny garden flowerpots, basil is a staple of any kitchen herb collection. Sweet genovese is by far the most fragrant and superior tasting of basils. It is the kingpin of any green pesto.

Marjoram is the perfect windowsill herb, and all-rounder when it comes to it’s culinary uses: soups, stews, salads, dressings and seasonings.

Rosemary smells and tastes delicious; as much at home in a scented garden border as it is one of the only herbs that truly keeps it’s fragrant taste whilst cooking. We love making rosemary ciabatta and sprinkling some sprigs to a Sunday nut roast (not Italian cooking, but it does taste amazing)!

Your Italian Culinary Seeds Gift set contains:

1 x Rustic burlap bag (inside are all the herb goodies!)
1 x Rosemary seeds
1 x Basil (sweet genovese) Seeds
1 x Marjoram (sweet) seeds
3 x Wooden Plant markers
3 x Coir pellets (to sow your seeds)
1 x Pencil

All of our GYO seeds and gifts are made to order. All seed gifts are lovingly and beautifully hand stamped.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 5 years. Contains sharp components and small parts. Adult supervision required.

Allergy advice – Contains seeds not for consumption.

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2 reviews for Grow Your Own Italian Herbs Starter Kit (Free Postage)

  1. Nicole Lawson

    Beautifully put together and the bag was definitely a nice and beautiful touch to have! I can’t fault this kit at all! The information on the back of the seeds and on the purple card definitely made this kit perfect for a beginner like me

  2. Dan

    Fantastic! Ordered as a gift for my gardening loving girlfriend and couldn’t be happier! Excellent little package, would fully recommend to anyone 👍

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