Mint (spearmint) – 100 seeds (Free Postage)


Mint – Spearmint (Mentha spicata)

Great for digestion and easing headaches, an easy way to freshen up new potatoes and the key ingredient for a summer mojito as the BBQ sizzles!

Sow: February to August or indoors all year round in a well-lit location

Harvest: All year round

Height: 30 to 45cm

Sowing Instructions:

Mint seeds are very small; sprinkle a pinch into a compostable pot indoors with moist soil, cover with a very light layer of soil or vermiculite and place in a warm and sunny spot. Germination can be erratic and may take 1-2 weeks or a few weeks. Once ready for potting outdoors (a good few leaves should mark their readiness) harden them off and transplant into a container. Mint grows very easily and will spread quickly.

(approx. 100 seeds)

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