Yarrow – 500 Seeds (Free Postage)


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

One of the lesser known medicinal herbs and a reliable addition to the border. Yarrow’s white blooms are a trusted companion of the herb gardener. Once dry it’s young flowers can be used as a herbal tea to aid digestion and ease toothache. It is low maintenance and can be sown indoors all year round.

Sow: Indoors all year round
Height: 60-90 cm (create a good backdrop against a hedge or fencing)
Harvest: Early blooms in dry weather

Sowing instructions:

Surface sow seeds (light is needed for germination) and moisten the soil. Plant indoors on a sunny windowsill (place seedling pots onto a tray and lightly water the tray so that the seeds are watered from below). Germination takes 5-10 days. Once the second true leaves have formed re-pot or plant in situ in a sunny spot. Yarrow is a hardy perennial requiring little attention. Cut back in autumn.

(approx. 500 seeds)

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